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Talking Business

Jan 21, 2022

Topics from this episode:

  • Use of a dedicated office
  • Creating work hours and sticking to them
  • Functional Medicine
  • The power of networking
  • Best client cases
  • How to reduce stress
  • Getting out of your comfort zone


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Connie with CMK:

Jan 14, 2022

Topics discussed on this episode are:

  • Early influences of Marketing
  • What is your why?
  • When should you bring a marketing firm in?
  • Strategies in marketing
  • Cohesive messaging
  • Pricing your services correctly
  • Networking
  • Imposter Syndrome 


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Next week’s guest is...

Jan 7, 2022

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The grocery industry
  • The autonomy of the Grocery Outlet model
  • Family owned business
  • Wearing many hats as a business owner
  • Longevity of employees
  • Organization is key
  • Do your homework

Next week’s episode will feature Will Eberhart Perseverance Marketing


Subscribe, Rate & Share Your...

Dec 31, 2021

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Health & wellness and beauty business
  • Vegan baking
  • Skin care
  • Client Relationship Management Program (CRM)
  • Delegating Tasks
  • Five year plans
  • Adjusting to virtual meetings



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Dec 24, 2021

Topics from this episode:

  • Discovering a need and fill it
  • Adjusting to the different needs of the climate
  • Running a family owned business
  • The importance of writing out your goals
  • Breaking up goals in half until it is doable
  • The importance of networking
  • “No” means Next Opportunity

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